The History of Hostgator


The History of Hostgator

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hosting couponsAnyway, let’s go back into history and see how Hostgator developed over the years:

No company grows from the ground up without blood, sweat and tears. No company goes from a handful of customers to millions in a short period of time unless they have a unique approach to doing business. This company Hostgator – a unique outfit who has seeing tremendous growth is certainly one that stands out from the crowd. The history of Hostgator is an inspiring one and we will like to give you a peak into the inspirational story of how Hostgator came to be:

In 2002, Mr. B Oxley founded HostGator. By 2006, in just four short years, HostGator had over 200,000 registered domains. The following year, HostGator moved from Florida to Texas and has remained there since. In 2008, a year after the move to Texas, Inc. Magazine ranked HostGator as the 21st (and 1st in its area) fastest growing company in the United States. As of today, HostGator hosts over 9 million domains. With a history as rich as that, it is no wonder why HostGator continues to be so popular and to attract as much business as it does.

With HostGator, you can purchase domains, and once they’re yours, you’re free to do with them what you will. In other words, you can literally purchase a domain through HostGator, turn it around, and sell it, making a profit along the way. The reselling of your domain is 100% your sale, and thus, you keep 100% of the profits. HostGator is well known for having one of the best reseller platforms and helping their customers 100% of the way through chat support or through the ticket system.

If you decide to become a HostGator reseller, there is a variety of account types offered, including the aluminum account, which offers 50GB of disk space, 50GB of bandwidth, costing $19.96 the first month, with recurring costs of $24.95 per month. Another type of account offered is the silver account, which offers 120GB of disk space, 1,000 GB of bandwidth, costing $39.96 the first month, with recurring costs of $49.95 per month. Yet another account type offered is the diamond account, which offers 200 GB of disk space, 1,400 GB of bandwidth, costing $79.96 the first month, with recurring costs of $99.95 per month.

Regardless of account type, you can find, with a simple Google search, numerous deals and coupons that can drastically lower the cost of starting up and maintaining a HostGator account. Along with little work, you will be creating and reselling domains before they know it, covering the monthly cost of whichever account type they decide to pick for their monthly plan. HostGator has top of the line, 24/7 customer service, so even the confused, unacquainted member and domain reseller will have resources to help them get started and keep the ball rolling.

If this all sounds easy, that’s because it is. With HostGator, you can literally make money without leaving your home, without even leaving your desktop or laptop computer. And with the various deals and coupons offered, you can literally start saving money before you’re even signed up to a HostGator account.

With HostGator, you are making your own money, keeping 100% of the profits, and really, you are running your own company. HostGator is among the top 10 hosting services online, and they’ve built and maintained their reputation by running a solid company, providing great service, and treating their customers with the utmost respect and reliability. Signing up to HostGator is a move with endless pros and few, if any, cons. Even the neophyte reseller will be sure he or she made the right move within days of signing up.

This article on Hostgator’s history was submitted by Jane Kayle who is a blogger and web hosting affiliate marketer.